Cleaning your jewelry with a jewelry meditation

Do you like to meditate? Sometimes I do and honestly, sometimes I don't. I don't always do it because I like it, sometimes I do it because it's good for me. And just like anything that can be hard sometimes, you have to keep trying, keep practicing, and try a variety of methods to see which one will work right now for you. 

I first started meditation in spring of 2003 with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi and Chi Gong. I laugh a little bit now but I had experienced so many physical issues that the doctors told me they had no idea what to do with me. I found myself outside in the grass practicing Tai Chi and snuggling up in a giant wing chair trying out Chi Gong. It was my first introduction to moving meditation and sitting meditation.

I still do a lot of moving meditation. Most frequently my moving meditation is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube or running outside. And since 2007 my sitting meditation has been modeled after Jon Kabat-Zinn's approach to Mindfulness.

what about you? What does your regular meditation look like?

Have you ever tried meditating with your jewelry? I think that there are probably a few people out there that have meditated with their stones and when you think about the special energy surrounding stones, it starts to sound like a really great idea. But the truth is that you can meditate over any jewelry you have in order to give it love, energy, and power in your life.

We're not going to go crazy, let's just keep it simple. Grab a micro-fiber cloth or your jewelry cleaner and sit down with some pieces of jewelry. You could pick some of your favorites, some pieces of jewelry that you haven't worn for a long time, or perhaps there are some pieces of jewelry you feel funny about and you're not sure why. Sit down with them in front of you and take a deep breath.

Let go of your concerns of the day--they'll still be there in 15 minutes when you're done--and just look at your jewelry. Let any ideas come to mind about them and try not to control the ideas. This is their time to run free. Are you feeling happy memories? Discomfort? Just notice the feelings and let them go. 

Don't tell yourself you should be feeling something or feeling nothing. Whatever comes up (or doesn't) is just right. Then pick up a piece of jewelry and notice its heft. Is it light? Is it heavy? how does it feel in your hands? How does the tactile feeling in your hands translate to feelings in your heart or thoughts in your mind?

Is the jewelry warm? Is it cold? What shapes is it? What color is it? Just notice.

Take your microfiber cloth or your jewelry cleaner and slowly clean the jewelry. As you do, imagine telling the jewelry that you care about it and that the reason it has a place in your home is because it serves a purpose in your life. What is that purpose? Does it fit perfectly with a certain outfit? Does it make you feel a certain way? Is it trendy? Is it durable? Does it remind you of someone you love? Sometimes a piece of jewelry sits in a jewelry box for years and that's the perfect place for it. And that's just fine.

Move through each piece of jewelry gently noticing it and cleaning it. If you notice negative feelings around the jewelry ask yourself if you can let it go and tell a new story for this piece of jewelry. Can you assign the jewelry a new task in your life? By releasing it of it's old associations and telling it what role you expect it to fill in your life then you in essence re-program that jewelry to support you in a new and different way. It's a wonderful way to help you let go of old pain or discomfort around a certain piece and open up for a new experience with it.

As you finish cleaning all your jewelry thank yourself for taking the time out for yourself and for things that matter to you. Thank yourself for investing in yourself and in some of the things that help you be who you are.