Happy Midwinter Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer!!

Although Winter Solstice was yesterday, I was busy celebrating with my family and so I am posting today. Some people who are less familiar with nature's cycles may not know what Winter Solstice is or how it could be celebrated as a spiritual holiday.

As our Earth travels around the sun, the tilt of the Earth causes an effect where the sun's light hits us at different angles through the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, at Winter Solstice the sun is at an angle where there is less time during the day that it passes over our horizon and so we receive fewer hours of daylight.

This is spiritually significant because of the metaphor of how we each go through many times in our life where everything around us becomes darker and it is completely out of our control. There are things we can do to manage the discomfort of the darkness but the fact still remains that there is less light reaching us. Sometimes all we can do is wait with the hope and promise that light will come back into our lives again.

At Winter Solstice we honor the role of darkness in our lives and how it can inspire reflection, support rest, and encourage stillness. Then we celebrate the coming of the light. This Winter Solstice was particularly special because it included a full moon shining brightly through the constellation of Cancer--reminding us to dig deep, connect with our feelings, and have faith in the light that shines in the midst of the darkness.

If you find yourself struggling during the darker days of winter, remember to give yourself enough quiet time away from the hustle and pressures of the modern world--even if that only means lightening up on your deadlines and expectations. Right now is a time of rest, reflection, and preparation in order to be able to rise and blossom in the new year with all of the light and promise.

If you need something extra to support your rest, try some white candles, an epsom salt bath, or some crystals to bring some light into your life.

Which crystals most often brighten your day?