New Moon Significance and Rituals

The 4 moon cycles that we recognize are the New Moon, 1st quarter, full moon, and 3rd quarter. Each of them reminds us to check in with where we are in our life--particularly around our goals and intentions.

We emphasize the new moon and full moon more as the other two are just way-points between. The new moon comes after the waning moon when we have let go of things that no longer serve us. At the new moon we have space in our lives for more goals or figurative seeds to be planted and we can choose what to plant ourselves or we can open up to divinity to receive what we should be planting. The full moon comes right after the waxing moon where we worked hard to bring things into our lives and it is a celebration of what has come into our lives--a looking forward to what we will be letting go in order to continue our progress. 

Each new and full moon is special because it is combined with a different energy based on the movement of the planets and stars. This month it is a new moon in Capricorn paired with a solar eclipse. These events lining up right now give us an extra oomph in our new years goals because Capricorn is a sign that is aligned with accomplishing things and eclipses often give us extra power for shifting things in our life and making things happen.

When you think of a new moon (or full moon) ritual you may get scary images of medieval witches over fires but one of the most time-honored traditions is simply getting together with friends to reflect on what has been going on. At the new moon you may feel particularly inclined to discuss things you've been letting go and how good you feel to have more freedom and space in your life. Or you may feel inclined to discuss upcoming goals and ventures that you want to jump into. 

It can take some time and practice to sync up with the moon and it's not meant to be another to-do on your list. I suggest starting small. Get a stone or a piece of jewelry that reminds you of the serenity or power of the moon. Wear it whenever you feel inclined during the month and when you notice the moon in the sky, take note of what phase it is in and see if you can remember why that is significant.

During the new moons, write down some of the things you hope to see come about in the next couple weeks and during the full moon, celebrate what you have accomplished and consider what you might need to let go to continue progress in your goals. 


Although following the moon phases can be fun and helpful, the reason why I feel so synced up to the moon isn't because I remind myself to look at it and check up on my goals, it's because when I look at the moon I think of the divine feminine that impacts my life. Throughout history the moon has represented the female aspect of divinity in our lives. Some people call her Divine Goddess, some people call her Heavenly Mother, some people feel like she is represented in a myriad of goddesses, plants, and spirits. But one thing that cultures throughout the ages have agreed on is that her power can be felt through the moon. 

So pull up a moonstone, some labradorite, or a moon phases piece of jewelry and enjoy the beauty and energy of the moon.