About Story Stones Jewelry

What kind of stories define your life? Are they spiritual stories? Stories of fear or pain? Stories of victory or joy? Fun and light-hearted stories? It can be very worthwhile to pay attention to your stories, take a closer look, or at least share your stories often.

At Story Stones Jewelry we draw attention to the beauty that is within each person's stories--even the simple or mundane ones. Often it is the simple story of one person's everyday life that can captivate another person and connect the two.

Our stones each have their own story and set in a piece of jewelry, their story is dressed up just a bit so it's more prepared to be received by others. Each piece of jewelry and each stone will impact your own story in a unique and individual way. 


First conceptualized by me, Shelley Ellington, Story Stones Jewelry is a culmination of the various things I have explored in my life from creative writing and instructional story telling to geology and art. I spent several years doing tech startups with colleagues and friends and a few years doing design work in the corporate world before I decided to combine all of the things I've learned and wanted to explore more into a business designing and creating jewelry.