Discovery is a deep and exciting experience--especially when you are discovering something new to add into your life. As you are considering your next jewelry purchase and discovering which one will be the perfect next addition, we would love to be a part of the journey. We conduct our design consultations over the phone, in person, or with virtual presence technology (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video, and others) in order to connect with you in the best way possible. Whatever your intention – whether you’re getting yourself something special or on a secret mission for a gift, it would be an honor to make the piece you have in mind. 

Or what if you don't have anything "in mind" at all?!! Haha, that's ok too. Through our consultation process we'll discuss things that have been going on in your life to bring you to where you stand today, what you hope to be experiencing over the next 6 months, your favorite colors, designs, symbols, stones, and anything else that comes up. We'll take all of that beautiful conversation and work together to create something unique.

Usually our clients want to allow us to work our creative magic to discover the stones that will fit their situation best, craft the designs, and choose the metals. And usually our clients have a few ideas about what would be a good fit for them (maybe they know silver is their metal). If you have no ideas or many ideas, that's all a good place to start.

Our prices start at $85 for a pendant or set of earrings. The price may go up depending on which stones are chosen and whether we use precious metals to create it. We will discuss the stones, metals, and pricing with you before making any decisions that would impact the price.

After having the initial conversation, and deciding on pricing with you, we will send an initial invoice for a non-refundable 20% of the final cost to secure our time and the materials. Once that invoice is settled, our team will spend a week refining the decision on the stones and acquiring them. Then we will spend a week creating the design and writing up the intentions behind it. At the end of the two weeks of work we will contact you with the balance of the price and double check shipping or pick-up information.

Connecting with you through the process is part of the magic we enjoy when creating a special piece of jewelry for you. If you have any questions throughout the process we would hope that you would feel comfortable connecting with us.

If you'd like to set up a consultation or start chatting with us, the quickest way to reach us is through messenger here on our Facebook Page.

Other ways to reach us include using the form on our Contact Us page.

We look forward to connecting with you!