Divine Feminine Moonstone and charm
Divine Feminine Moonstone and charm

Divine Feminine Moonstone and charm

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She gazed at the stars, leaning into the vast darkness above. The emptiness was easier to love because she knew it was her friend and held the infinite power of the moon--sending down inspiration and power even if it could not be seen.

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and a connection to the divine qualities of inspiration and creativity. Set with this moon charm it reminds us of the divine feminine and goddess energies that spiritual traditions across the globe have honored since the beginning of time. These are the same feminine energies that you have access to as you lean into your intuition and creativity.

With a rainbow moonstone crystal, this piece is extra special.  If you look closely you will be able to see a blue sheen unique to moonstone. It is wrapped carefully with sterling silver wire and set on a 16" sterling silver chain.

Is this necklace calling to your heart? Grab it before it's gone and discover the divine feminine inspiration meant specifically for you.